Workforce Management

M_SOLUTION makes it easy for operations to plan and follow up on working hours, service delivery and tasks.



Easy-to-use, calendar-based scheduling tools in the Fixed Plan module, enables you to easily add repetitive work schedules. You have full overview, even if your employees work on many projects at the same time.

The work plans are always updated 365 days ahead. Extra tasks, cancellations, absence and use of substitutes are easily recorded in the calendar in the Operational Plan module.

Tasks can also be created automatically from the customer web and smart sensors (IoT - Internet of things).

Payroll and invoicing

Has anyone worked night, weekend, overtime or with special tasks? M_SOLUTION's advanced rule engine automatically generates the correct payroll transactions.

Were some of the tasks billable? Fixed services, hours, materials and purchases are invoiced easily and at the right price.

M_SOLUTION provides digital invoice attachments such as timesheets, risk assessments, secure job analysis and customer-specific reports to your ERP-system.