Mobile reporting

M_SOLUTION is like a toolbox filled with smart features for mobile reporting


Let your service staff report presence, completed tasks, consumption of hours and material, checklists, orders, HSE reports, inspections, deviations, and anything else you might want to report - once, at once.

How easy can it be done? Make use of our app and let the latest technological opportunities, such as IoT (Internet of Things), NFC (RFID), Bluetooth Beacons, GPS and QR codes, make reporting easier than you might imagine. Do you want to take pictures and get signatures with the app, and maybe see tasks and report deviations using digital floor plans on tablets? M_SOLUTION is your thing!

Want to know what your business is actually spending time on? M_SOLUTION helps you with quick and easy logging of time on all your activities. Of course, you can analyze the information directly in your own dashboards and reports.

Your employees can register holiday applications, absence and various types of inquiries using the app. Managers are notified in the internal messaging module or by email and SMS.

Are your employees missing an email account or a mobile subscription at work? Use Messages in M_SOLUTION to send important information and document important answers and confirmations from your colleagues.